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Enter Jane's Hotel Mania game and learn how to manage your own hotel! Travel the world, keep guests happy, and build the ultimate hotel empire!

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Welcome to Jane's Hotel Mania game! Here, you'll step into the shoes of Jenny, Jane's niece, with a big dream: to become a hotel magnate. Together, you'll travel the world, visiting places like Scotland, Egypt, Monaco, and Russia, managing hotels, and striving to keep every guest happy.

Your ultimate goal is to run hotels in various locations around the globe, ensuring that all guests have a fantastic stay. You'll need to manage rooms, meet guest requests, and tackle fun minigames along the way. Get ready to dive into the hotel business and work your way up to building a grand mansion!

How to Play

With just your mouse, you'll take care of guests from check-in to check-out. As soon as guests walk in, you'll click on them and whisk them off to a cozy room. But it doesn't stop there! Soon, they'll start asking for things like a tidy-up or a tasty drink. You'll need to click on the right icons - whether it's for cleaning, a drink, or a fix-up - and make sure the right staff member heads over to sort it out.

Watch out for those patience meters above the guests' heads! You've got to be quick to keep those meters from running out. If a guest runs out of patience, they might give your hotel a thumbs down, and we don't want that. Your goal each day is to earn enough money to keep the hotel running and make it even better.

As days go by, you'll see more guests, each with their own needs, making your job busier but way more fun. Keeping up with their requests is the key to turning your hotel into the best spot in town.

Boost Your Hotel with Cool Upgrades!

Making your hotel the best spot in town is all about the upgrades. With the cash you rake in, check out these awesome add-ons you can buy to make guests never want to leave:

- Phone SP-9000: This fancy phone lets your guests chat with anyone across the globe.

- Wall Light: Soft, warm lighting that makes your hotel feel extra cozy and fancy.

- Oak Rocking Chairs: Super comfy chairs crafted by local experts - perfect for chilling out.

- Antique Table: A stylish table meant for chess that'll keep the brainy guests super happy.

- Handwork Carpet: A fluffy, handwoven carpet that makes every step feel like home.

- Double Room (unlocks on day 4): With two beds, these rooms are a dream for guests wanting more space.

- Restaurant: Serve up delicious meals and watch as your happy guests leave big tips.

- Chair to a Dining Table: More chairs mean serving more guests. (Note: You gotta have the Restaurant first!)

- Press: Keep your guests in the know with fresh off-the-press newspapers every morning.

- Flowers: Bring in the joy of spring with real flowers that brighten up the room and lift everyone's spirits.

Each upgrade not only gives your hotel a sparkle but also keeps your guests smiling. Every new feature you add makes your hotel the place to be.

What else you should know

Stay organized and prioritize tasks to keep up with the pace as more guests arrive. Practice multitasking and remember which services are most requested to prepare in advance. Keeping guests happy not only improves your score but also makes the game more enjoyable.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and make your hotel a roaring success? Let's get to it and show everyone how amazing your hotel can be!