Sue's Cake House

Become the best baker in Sue's Cake House game! Get ready to bring creative recipes to life by mixing, baking, and decorating mouth-watering cakes!

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Do you love cakes? Welcome to Sue's Cake House, a magical place where you can mix, bake, and decorate yummy cakes all day long! Every cake you make in Sue's Cake House is special, just like the customers who will enjoy them. 

Your role in Sue's Cake House is to be the best cake baker in town! You will make cakes according to special recipes and decorate them so they look and taste just right. But remember, each cake will be tested before being sold to customers, so you must follow the recipe closely. 

How to Play

To begin with, you'll need to choose a recipe. You can pick from 6 different cake recipes, each more delicious than the last! But be careful: you only get to see the picture of the cake once at the beginning and one more time during the game if you click the hint button.

To make a cake, you first need to click on the basic ingredients like tofu, eggs, baking powder, salt, or sugar. Then, you get to add a tasty ingredient of your choice, like chocolate, cherries, blueberries, green tea leaves, chili pepper paste, or strawberries.

Next, you get to decorate your cake. Choose a yummy cream such as chocolate, blueberry, banana, or strawberry. You can also sprinkle your cake with sweet potato powder or green tea powder for extra flavor. Add a band of cream decoration to your design, choosing from choco, strawberry, banana, or blueberry.

There's more you should know!

Finally, it's time to top your cake! Choose from strawberries, blueberries, cherries with kiwi and oranges, or chocolate leaves. The choice is yours! Once your cake is all ready and you think it matches the model cake, click the button to get ready for the evaluation. Let's find out if you've created the perfect cake!

Tip: Pay close attention to the initial cake model. Try to match the ingredients, colors, and decorations as closely as possible to get a higher score!

Sue's Cake House is a place where you can be a real baker. You get to mix, bake, and decorate your own cakes. Follow the recipe, be creative with your decorations, and have lots of fun making cakes that everyone will love. Happy baking!