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Become a stylist in the Sue Hairdresser game! Create fun hairstyles by cutting, dyeing, and styling! Can you match Sue's hair to the model's look?

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Welcome to Sue's Hairdresser game, where creativity and style meet in an exciting hairdressing adventure! In this fun game, you'll step into the shoes of a professional hairdresser, using cool tools to recreate amazing hairstyles.

As Sue's personal hairstylist, your role is to choose from three styles, look at a picture of the desired look, and then recreate it on Sue. You'll be cutting, dyeing, and styling her hair to match the hairstyle in the picture. But remember, you need to memorize the model's look - you're only allowed to see it once!

How to Play

The controls for Sue's Hairdresser game are easy and intuitive. Just move your mouse over the hair strands or the various tools to interact with them. For instance, you can click on the ends of the hair strands while holding the scissors to cut Sue's hair to the desired length. 

To dye Sue's hair, you'll need to mix the dyes. Click on the dye of your choice and put it in the bowl. You can mix up to two dyes to get the perfect color. Don't like the color? No problem! Click on a different dye to change it. Then, use the comb to apply the dye to Sue's hair.

Lastly, it's time to style Sue's hair! Choose the right tool, bring it to the ends of Sue's hair, and click to create curls or straighten her hair. You can also use accessories to make her hair look just like the model's. Remember, matching the look in the picture is your ultimate goal.

Tip: Try to memorize as many details of the model's hairstyle as possible before you start. Pay close attention to the length and color of the hair, as well as the type of curls or waves. 

So, are you ready to become Sue's favorite hairdresser? With a splash of color and a dash of style, you'll learn how to create stunning hairstyles! So, let your creativity shine, and start your hairstyling adventure today! It's not just about the cut and color - it's about making Sue feel fabulous!