Sue's Makeup Makeover

💄 Play Sue's Makeup Makeover game to become a makeup artist for a day! Create stunning looks for Sue's busy schedule and let her shine at every event!

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About Sue's Makeup Makeover Game

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Welcome to the glamorous world of Sue's Makeup Makeover (aka Sue's Theater Makeup), a game where you can express your creativity and have lots of fun! It's not just about making Sue look pretty, it's about matching her makeup to the many exciting events she has to attend throughout the day.

You're going to become Sue's personal makeup artist! Your mission? To make sure Sue looks fabulous for each of her special occasions. From a morning film shoot to an evening talk show, she needs your expert touch to shine!

How to Play

Getting started is simple: you just need your mouse to pick up and use all the makeup tools. These tools are all laid out on a dressing table and waiting for you to create some makeup magic.

Now, let's talk about the brushes. There are four different brushes, and each one is used for a different part of the makeup. Be careful, though! If you use a brush incorrectly, you lose one life; if you lose all your lives, it's game over!

Here's how to use the brushes:
 - The pointed brush is for the lip gloss discs.
 - The fuzzy brush applies shadow to the eyelids.
 - The fluffier brush does the upper and lower parts of the eyes.
 - The big brush is for the glitter and cheek colors.

Finally, the powder puff works with the foundation colors. Remember to use the brush and powder cotton after applying the cosmetics!

What else you should know

When you've finished Sue's makeover, you can check your score by spraying the finishing perfume. The score is based on your color combination, completeness of the makeup, and how well you matched Sue's desired style.

Don't worry if you're not sure how to use the makeup tools. You can always click the question mark for help. Although, you might need to understand Korean :)

With your help, Sue will be ready to dazzle at all her events, no matter what time of day. So, grab that mouse and start creating some fabulous makeovers! Are you ready to show off your makeup skills and help Sue shine? It's time to find out!