Alien Acres

The Novi Stars: Alien Acres game lets you create a stellar farm on your own planet! Dive in, grow quirky crops, and build a cosmic paradise.

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About Alien Acres Game

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Alien Acres is a super fun online game from the Novi Stars world, where you're invited to create and manage your own cosmic farm set in a fantastic landscape. In this game, you get to make and personalize your very own alien character, then start an exciting adventure to grow a stellar farm on a planet that's just for you!

As the new caretaker of this out-of-this-world farm, your job is to plant lots of different crops, collect cool resources, and build neat buildings. Use your imagination and your skills in managing resources to turn your planet into a thriving alien home. Jump in and work to make your space farm a shining success!

How to Play

Playing is easy with simple mouse clicks. Start by customizing your Novi with various features like hair and clothes. You'll use the same easy clicks to plant seeds, pick crops, and place decorations around your farm.

Creating Your Character
Your adventure begins with designing your own unique character. You can choose from various hairstyles, eye shapes, antennas, and more to make a character look just as you imagine. Customize the colors of your character's body, eyes, and hair to add your personal touch. Once you've set up your character, you'll name and land on your alien planet - ready to start farming!

Building Your Farm
Your main task on the planet is to cultivate a thriving farm. Begin by using a shovel to dig plots on your land. Plant seeds in these plots and watch as they grow into plants that require watering. Use your watering can to care for them. Trees are particularly valuable because once they're grown, they keep producing fruit. This means you'll always have resources on hand without needing to replant.

Decorating Your Farm
As you harvest crops and gather materials, you'll have opportunities to upgrade from a simple tent to more elaborate homes. Decorate your farm with paths and stylish items like nova lamp posts, which not only make your farm look great but also can improve how it functions. Each upgrade and decoration helps turn your alien farm into a bustling, beautiful estate.

Your playground awaits you to build, grow, and manage everything as you see fit. Ready to make your mark on the universe? Get started and show off your farming skills!