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Start playing There is no Game if you want to solve a unique puzzle! Are you creative enough to uncover the secrets and find a way to play the game?

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About There is no Game

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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
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    960 x 540
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Try There is no Game if you want to solve a puzzle that will truly force you to think outside the box! We all know how games usually work: you click on the start button and start playing. However, this time you're in for an entirely different type of adventure!

At first sight, there is no game for you to play. Besides, the narrating voice will try to convince you to give up and find something else to do. Nevertheless, if you listen carefully, you will receive some subtle hints on how to solve the puzzle. Are you ready to discover all the secrets of this puzzle?

Can you read between the lines?

To play the game, you only need to use your mouse. Moreover, the key to success is to explore every element on the screen and try to select it, move it, drop it, or drag it. Therefore, you should keep an open mind in this game!

Are you ready to get started? To start the game, I suggest you ignore the annoying voice in the background and try to click on the only elements present on the screen: the letters in the title. See what happens!

In the beginning, the general rule of this game is to do exactly the opposite of what the voice tells you to. Does it want you to stop pressing the volume button? You better not give up! When it asks you to stop destroying the loading screen, you better find a way to dismantle every single element. Right down to the two screws that hold the whole construction together. How exciting!

If you do everything right, the loading screen is replaced by a word puzzle. Can you complete the sentence and generate the game that you came here to play? Unjumble the letters to form words. Keep in mind that you will use this feature later to create objects that help you to solve the riddle. Yes, you can even create a goat!

Can you save the game from glitches?

Have you managed to unlock the first minigame? All you need to do is navigate between the screens by clicking the arrow symbols. Your mission is simple: use your mouse to move the platform and bounce the ball towards the bricks.

Make sure to clear all the bricks, without paying any attention to the annoying voice. You are too witty to let it stop you, even if it steals the ball! Isn't it cool that you receive a cool trophy that will come in handy later?

This is where the real plot of the game unfolds: the narrating voice wants your help to solve all the glitches in the game. Your mission is quite ridiculous: you need to rescue a goat inside a cage. However, you will need to recover the key, stolen by a flying squirrel. Make sure you use your creativity to find a solution! 

A helpful tip is to remember that you can move objects from one scene to another. All you need to do is drag them towards the arrows that allow you to move between the different in-game stages. I encourage you to try any idea you might have, even the most unusual ones!

Are you ready for a completely new and exciting experience? The tongue-in-cheek tone will make you chuckle as you solve this unusual puzzle. By the end of it, I'm sure you'll have a blast!