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Enter the Grow Maze game, a puzzle-packed adventure of twists and turns. Navigate, use your solving skills, and reshape the maze to find your way out!

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About Grow Maze Game

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In the Grow Maze game, you'll find yourself waking up in a maze full of winding passages. Created by Eyezmaze, this dungeon adventure is all about using your brain to solve puzzles and find your way out. You'll explore, discover, and think your way through this unique challenge.

Your mission is to escape the maze. To do this, you'll need to use your puzzle-solving skills to activate mysterious machines and use special items. Each choice you make changes the maze, opening new paths. The goal? Find your way to freedom!

How to Play

To move inside the maze, use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move forward, turn left, right, or completely around. This simple control scheme lets you explore the dungeon and interact with everything you find.

As you wander through the maze, you'll come across various items and mysterious machines. These are the keys to reshaping the maze and moving forward. You'll need to figure out how and when to use these items to change your surroundings.

While exploring, you'll collect hearts. These hearts are like currency, which you can use at Tontie's store to buy useful items. Some puzzles in the maze require specific items, so collecting hearts and shopping wisely is crucial.

Sometimes, you'll encounter puzzles where you need to click items in a specific sequence to find the solution. These are essential for progressing and escaping the maze.

What else you should know

Your ultimate goal is to navigate to the upper right corner of the map. This is where your freedom lies. The path isn't straightforward, so you'll need to be clever and observant to find the way.
You can use the minimap on the right panel to keep track of where you've been. This will help you understand the maze layout and avoid going in circles.

The game offers a fun and brain-teasing adventure, perfect for anyone who loves puzzles and exploration. It's not just about finding the exit; it's about the journey and the challenges you solve along the way. Ready to test your puzzle-solving skills and find your way out? Give it a try and see how quickly you can escape the maze!