Carrot Crave

Join a cute sheep for the Carrot Crave game! Guide the unlikely fluffy hero through the maze, overcome the obstacles, and eat all the carrots!

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About Carrot Crave Game

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Try the Carrot Crave game for a colorful puzzle challenge! You will play the role of a brave sheep stuck in a maze filled with carrots. Can you find your way out while satisfying the protagonist's craving for carrots? 

This adorable journey will introduce you to 16 different levels. Each stage brings a new object, obstacle, or maze structure. How do you solve a level? Simple: collect all the carrots you can see on the screen. It sounds easy, but wait until you try it!

How to Play

Let's play! To move the sheep, all you need to do is click on the map. Keep in mind that you can only transport our adorable hero vertically or horizontally with one click! That's all you need to do to guide your protagonist through any stage of the game. 

The first obstacle you will come across will be the giant boulders. You can move them out of the way by pushing them. Do so with one, two, or even three boulders at a time! What is more, you can use the boulders to fill up black holes. Don't let the sheep fall in!

Watch out! The spots on the map marked with a green dot will grow a shrub after passing them once. Make sure you don't get stuck! 

What else you should know

Another thing you need to look out for is the system of locked gates! You will need to find a key to get past each one of these obstacles. Think before you make a move! Choosing the wrong strategy will force you to restart the level.

If you keep a cool head and make a good strategy, you'll manage to guide the sheep to the end of the journey! The key is to persevere even when a level seems to be impossible. Think out of the box!

Sometimes you need to rethink your first moves completely. However, nothing beats the feeling you get after figuring out a challenging puzzle!