Play the Alxemy game to become a magical scientist and build your own world! Mix elements, create wonders, and learn cool facts about them!

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Welcome to the magical land of Alxemy! This is a super-duper science game where you get to use special elements to create a beautiful world. It's like being a wizard with a magical touch! Are you ready to mix and match different things to make awesome new creations?

In Alxemy, you are like a world-making magician. You get to use amazing elements like water, fire, and earth to build your very own special world. Imagine making sunlight, lightning, and cool fog just by mixing things together. Your job is to make your world come to life with plants, fish, and animals.

How to Play

Let's start with the controls. All you need is your mouse. That's your magic wand!

On the left side of your screen, you'll find the starting elements, like Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. To begin the magic, drag two elements that you want to mix into the big circle in the middle. This circle is called the transmutation circle, which is just a fancy word for a magic mixing circle.

Once your elements are in the magic circle, click on it to start an amazing reaction! For example, if you mix Fire and Earth, you will discover Rock. Yay!

There's a big book on the right side called the Handbook. It's like your magic recipe book! It tells you all about the things you haven't discovered yet. You can try to figure out how to make things like Lightning, Fog, Mud, Steam, or Sand.

What else you should know

As you play, you'll learn super cool facts about the things you make. Like, did you know that lightning makes the air around it really hot really fast? Or that mud is just water and soil mixed together?

If you get stuck and need help, a cute girl assistant at the bottom of the screen can give you tips. She's like your helper wizard. You can also turn off her tips in Settings if you want to make the game more exciting and figure things out on your own!

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to become the most amazing world-building wizard? Get ready to mix, match, and make a magical land full of wonders. Dive into this wonderful world, let your creativity fly, and see what fantastic things you can create!