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🀄 Play the Mahjong Titans game for a classic Mahjong Solitaire challenge! Keep matching tiles, clear the board, and enjoy a timeless puzzle adventure!

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About Mahjong Titans Game

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Mahjong Titans is a classic version of the well-known Mahjong Solitaire game. It features the traditional Turtle tile layout and has clear graphics that make it easy and fun to play. This game is a favorite for many because of its simple yet engaging design.

Your task is to match pairs of tiles to clear them from the board. The challenge is to find the best way to keep doing this until all the tiles are gone from the board. You need to think about which tiles to match first to help you win.

How to Play

Playing is simple! Just click on two tiles that look the same to remove them from the board.

The board is set up with 144 tiles with different symbols and arranged using the traditional "Turtle" tile layout. Your goal is to find two tiles with the same symbol and click on them to remove them from the board. But there's a catch! You can only choose tiles that are free to move. This means the tile has to be able to slide out to the left or right without being blocked by other tiles, and there can't be any tiles on top of it.

As you start matching and removing tiles, you'll notice that more tiles get revealed, especially the ones that were underneath or trapped between other tiles. This is where the strategy comes in. You have to think about which tiles to remove first to uncover more tiles and keep the game going. 

What else you should know

There are also some special four-season and flower tiles. They're unique because you can match them with each other even if they don't look exactly the same.

A good tip is to focus on the top tiles and the longest rows first. If you leave them for later, you might get stuck because the tile you need is trapped behind others. Try not to just match any tiles you see – think about which ones will help you free up the most tiles.

This game is perfect for anyone who loves a good Mahjong Solitaire challenge. Ready to start matching those tiles and clear the board?