Cannibals and Missionaries

Enter the Cannibals and Missionaries game to try your wits at solving a tricky river-crossing puzzle! Can you find the solution and keep everyone safe?

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About Cannibals and Missionaries Game

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Step into the world of Cannibals and Missionaries game, a classic river-crossing puzzle that combines strategy with fun. In this game, you'll find three missionaries and three cannibals who need your help to cross a river. They must follow strict rules to ensure everyone gets across safely and avoid any dangers.

Your mission is to carefully stage their river crossing. You'll need to plan each boat trip thoughtfully to ensure the cannibals never outnumber the missionaries on either bank, as this could spell trouble. This puzzle will test your problem-solving skills and strategic thinking with every move you make. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

How to Play

Using your mouse, you can click on any missionary or cannibal to move them into the boat, and they will jump aboard. If you want to rearrange who's in the boat, click on that person again, and they'll jump back to the bank.

The game starts with all characters on one bank alongside an empty boat that can hold up to two people. The trick is to figure out who to send across first and how to balance the boat trips to keep everyone safe. 

Once you've decided who goes in the boat, hit the yellow Go button to send the boat across the river. Upon reaching the other side, click the characters to unload them onto the new bank.

Careful planning is essential. The boat can't travel empty, so you'll always need to send someone back to the original side to bring the rest of the group. The game involves strategic back-and-forth trips, ensuring you balance the numbers correctly to keep the missionaries safe.

So, do you have what it takes to solve this puzzle and get everyone safely across the river? Start planning your moves and find the solution!