Put your strategic thinking to the test with Draughts game(also known as Checkers). Plan your moves in advance and capture all your opponent's pieces!

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The Draughts game(British Version) also referred to as Checkers(American Version), is one of the most entertaining strategy board games out there. Somewhat similar to chess, although a lot less complex, provides a fun way to put your thinking skills to the test.

It is a two-player game, so you can play it against one of your sisters, brothers, or friends. If no one else is available, you can also play it against the computer.

The board used for playing the game is almost identical to a typical chessboard,  having 64 squares(8x8) of alternating dark and light colors. 
It is worth mentioning that at the checkers game, only the dark squares are used for moving the pieces.

How to play Draughts

Each player will start the game with 12 pieces, or checkers, placed on the first three rows on his or her side of the board. The primary game objective is to capture all of your opponent's pieces or reach a position where your opponent has no more available moves. The player with the dark pieces is usually the first to move unless stated otherwise.

Each piece can only move forward diagonally on the board, one space at a time. You can capture an enemy piece by jumping over it if the following both statements are true:
One of your opponent's pieces is placed on the next forward diagonal square next to your checker
The next diagonal square beyond the enemy checker is also empty
At this point, your opponent's piece is captured and removed from the board.

After performing the jump, if there is another jump possible from the new square, you have to take it as well. You must keep going on until there are no more available jumps.

What else you should know

When one of your checkers reaches the last opposite line on the board, it becomes a King. A King, compared to a regular checker, can move and jump on the board both forward and backward along the diagonals, having increased chances of capturing enemy pieces.

When one of the players remains out of the pieces or has no other available moves, the game ends, and his opponent is declared the winner. If there are no other moves available for either of the players or if there is only one checker piece left for each, the game is declared a draw.