Big Hero 6: Code Baymax

In the Big Hero 6: Code Baymax game, Hiro needs his robot to save him from Yokai's hideout! Can you use the remote to get Baymax through all microbots?

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About Big Hero 6: Code Baymax Game

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In the Big Hero 6: Code Baymax game, Hiro got kidnapped by Yokai, and he took him to his hideout! Luckily, the young genius just perfected his remote to control Baymax and is using it to guide the robot to his location! However, this is just what Yokai wants, and he will encounter loads of dangers on his way!

Do you think you can lend Hiro a helping hand to make Baymax come to the rescue? If you want to ace this challenge, your problem-solving skills should be on point. Let's get started and see if you can defeat Yokai and save Hiro!

How to Play

Using the remote is simple! The only thing you need is your mouse. The hard part is to observe your surroundings and plan each move. Click on the directions fit for the situation, and then let Baymax give it a try! You can always try again if your run was not successful!

There are four stages to complete: Hiro's Garage, Robotics Lab, Yokai's Hideout, and Akuma Island. Each has a couple of levels, so saving Hero might take some time! Also, Baymax will encounter many obstacles and foes, so before you give him the green light to go, make sure your plan is on point!

Besides the directions, there are other moves you need to know! For example, Baymax will have to go through locked doors, so you have to give him the command to enter the codes. The others are entering codes to open locked doors, flying and fighting! However, you need to progress first before you can do some of them!

What else you should know

The last thing is to keep in mind the number of commands! You do not have unlimited moves, so use each one at maximum capacity.

Also, at some point, you'll be able to use three identical moves that will count as one command! These will come in handy when you have to go forward for a while!

Are you ready to help Hiro get his trusty robot to Yokai's hideout and rescue him? You will have a long journey ahead, so you best prepare and have lots of patience! You can't complete these puzzles if you don't take your time!