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Master intricate puzzles in The Codex of Alchemical Engineering game! 🧙‍♂️ Build unique machines, craft special compounds, and solve challenges!

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About The Codex of Alchemical Engineering Game

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Imagine stepping into a world of wonder and mystery, where you become an apprentice alchemist! The Codex of Alchemical Engineering game takes you on a magical journey filled with puzzles and enchanting elements. Ready to dive into a universe where the secrets of alchemy await your discovery?

As the apprentice, your mission is to continue your teacher's work. You'll unlock the universe's secrets and even try to create the legendary Philosopher's Stone! Each puzzle you solve brings you closer to this grand goal. It's like being a wizard in a lab, where each puzzle brings you closer to mastering the art of alchemy!

How to Play

In this game, you use your mouse to place mechanical arms, called manipulators, that move elements around. You'll pick different commands from a menu and arrange them to tell these arms what to do. You can make the arms grab, rotate, and drop the magical elements to mix them into new, exciting compounds. It's like giving directions to your own little robot arms to create amazing alchemical recipes!

Building Your Machine
When you start a level, you'll see a grid where all the magic happens. On one side of this grid, there are little circles called generators or Glyphs of Spawning. They make the basic elements you need. Your job is to use mechanical arms to pick up these elements, combine or change them to obtain the target compound, and then drop them in the target zone(Glyph of Receiving). You'll place these arms on the grid, and they can grab, move, and even turn the elements around.

Using Glyphs and Making Compounds
Now, here's where it gets really interesting! You also have special symbols called glyphs. When you place these glyphs on the grid, they can change the elements in cool ways. Some glyphs combine elements to make new ones, while others can break them apart. Your goal is to use these glyphs and arms to create a specific pattern, or compound, shown at the start of the level.

Programming the Mechanical Arms
To make your arms do what you want, you need to program them. This means choosing from different commands like grab, rotate, extend, retract, or release and putting them in the right order. To program a manipulator, first select it by clicking on it - it will turn red.
Then, from the "PROGRAMMING" menu, you can drag these commands into a line. Once you hit the "run" button, your arms will start following your instructions.

Fine-Tuning and Repeating the Process
Your first try might not be perfect, and that's okay! You can watch your machine and see where things go wrong. Maybe an arm needs to move differently, or a glyph should be in another spot. You can stop, make changes, and try again. The real challenge is making your machine do the right thing not just once but several times in a row. It's like setting up a perfect little routine.

Trial and Error - The Key to Success
Don't worry if things don't work right away. The game is all about trying different things, seeing what happens, and learning from it. Sometimes, you might need to change the position of your arms or the order of your commands. It's a puzzle where you get to play, think, and try new ideas until everything works just right.

By covering these steps, you'll get a full grasp of the magical and mechanical world of alchemical engineering. It's all about creativity, problem-solving, and having fun with a little bit of magic and a lot of clever thinking!

One great tip is to start simple. Pick one element and try to make your machine do something easy with it first. Once you get the hang of it, you can add more arms and try more complex patterns.

In The Codex of Alchemical Engineering, you're not just playing – you're thinking, planning, and inventing. It's a game that turns you into a puzzle-solving alchemist, where each level brings a new and exciting challenge!