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Have a blast with the Apple Worm game by playing the role of an unlikely hero! Get ready to eat many apples and find your way to the wormhole!

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Make sure you give the Apple Worm game a try if you want to have some light-hearted fun while solving complicated puzzles! The simple, yet colorful and attractive graphics of this game will pull you in right away. Can you believe that the protagonist is a tiny green worm with an amusing facial expression?

Every fan of problem-solving games knows that the best ones have a simple idea behind them! Our game has a very uncomplicated concept behind it: you are a worm looking for its hole. Can you use its body to overcome all obstacles and make your way to the endpoint?

The game consists of 30 cool levels that will undoubtedly challenge your ingenuity. Consider yourself warned: it's going to be tough to pass even the first ten levels! Thankfully, once you understand the way our little green hero can move, you should do much better.

How to Play

Do you know how to control your worm? All you need to do is use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow Keys. The protagonist's body is made out of three segments at the beginning of each level.  However, your worm will need to increase its length to complete the entire stage!

How do you do that? It's simple! Just try to get to an apple on the level map. Eating it will help your little hero gain another segment for his body. You can even eat more apples throughout the same level. Be careful! Moving around might get more challenging once your snake grows. 

The biggest challenge in this game is not getting stuck. Because of the way the protagonist of this story moves, it's quite easy to block him, or even cause him to fall off the platforms. However, you'll overcome this problem if you are inventive!

Some levels require you to move around blocks of stone strategically. Just like the apples, this element of the game can make life harder, especially if you are a novice player.  Anyway, as is the case with most puzzles, the more you practice, the better you'll be!

Can you survive every level and take the worm to its final destination? It will prove the fact that you are an intelligent and skilled player!