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Play the Revenge of Dog game for a moving puzzle game! Help an abandoned pup find a new destiny after being left on the side of the road by his owner!

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You have to try the Revenge of Dog game if you are a fan of a story-based puzzle game! Chances are that you will giggle and even shed a tear by the time you finish this challenge. The thoughtful design of this game will move even the most stone-hearted of players. Don't believe us? Try this game yourself, and we guarantee that it will move you!

The structure of the game is a little out of the ordinary. Instead of completing multiple levels, the challenge is to find all the possible endings to the dog's seemingly tragic story. Can you discover the six different scenarios? Some of them are happy, others sad, or just silly.

How to Play

You can control the adorable furry protagonist by using your keyboard. Move him with the Left and Right arrows. To dig, all you need to do is press Down. What would a dog be without his bark? Press the Space Bar to make some noise. These are the only actions permitted in the game, so make sure you use them wisely!

At the beginning of the game, our dog will find himself tied to a tree, abandoned by his master in the rain. How sad! However, you get the chance to change the destiny of this pup through your actions. To do this, you first have to break free from the leash.

Here's a hint: dig up the hill of dirt and try not to eat your new bunny friend. If you leave him alone for a few minutes, he will come up to chew on your rope and set you free. How awesome!

Let the story begin!

From now on, it's to you to decide what the future of the dog will be. You can dig your way to China if you visit the left side of the screen. However, if you continue your journey to the right, you'll come across a surprise. 

Your neglectful and cruel owner has had a car accident. He seems gravely injured. What will you do? It's up to you whether you choose to take your revenge by dragging him back to the tree or call for help. You can even ignore him and move on to find a little farm. Maybe this can be your new home! 

Make sure you explore all the elements you encounter to discover all six endings! The immersive music and beautiful graphic design will only enhance your experience as you try this emotional puzzle game. Don't miss out on a unique experience in the gaming world!