Play the B-Cubed game if you want to test yourself with an exciting 3D puzzle! Can you flip the cube towards the target without falling into the abyss?

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About B-Cubed Game

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Exercise your wits and skill with the B-Cubed game! If you are a fan of puzzles and have a good spatial vision, you can't miss this game! Its simple concept and beautiful graphics will undoubtedly keep you glued to the screen up until the last level. Just look at the mesmerizing galaxy in the background. Are you ready to get started?

The game consists of thirty levels that get increasingly more difficult. Can you unlock all the stages of the game? I'm sure that there's nothing you can't solve with some patience and wittiness!

Learn how to play!

Thankfully, the gameplay is quite intuitive. All you need to do is move your cube around the scene by using the Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow Keys. Your goal is to move your cube towards the target, represented by the only red cube in the game area. Sounds easy as pie, right?

However, there's a catch! You can only complete the level if you clear out all the white cubes on the screen. Remember that you can only step on a white area once before it falls into the abyss!

Are you stuck? Tough luck, you have no other choice than to let your cube fall and start again. Don't get discouraged, I'm sure you'll make it next time!

Make sure that you're as quick as you can! The final score is based on how quickly you solved each level. Therefore, make sure you replay a particular stage once you've managed to find the solution!

Pay attention to the colors!

What makes this game so challenging and addictive is the fact that it introduces so many interesting mechanics. Surely, everything would get dull after a while without the introduction of colored game areas. They pose new challenges that will force you to think of a smart solution. Can you keep up?

To begin with, stepping on green cubes will build a bridge out of thin air, allowing you to take a new path towards your target. However, keep in mind that the bridges are only temporary! You should do your best to strategically clean out the board before you use them.

Have you seen the violet squares? To make them fall, you will need to pass over them twice. Sometimes this will complicate the level. However, use this feature wisely to solve more complex challenges. Isn't that cool?

There are many other cool features that you can try! For instance, yellow cubes will reveal a new cluster of cubes that you need to take down. Are you in the mood for teleporting? Step on one of the blue squares and see where they take you. Finally, if you step on the orange areas, your cube will split in two. Isn't that neat?

Get ready to exercise your puzzle-solving skills! The more you play, the better you become. How fast can you reach level 30?