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Get ready to unlock ancient secrets in the Egypt Puzzle game! Match colorful glyphs to clear levels and embark on a captivating puzzle adventure.

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About Egypt Puzzle Game

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Welcome to the Egypt Puzzle game, where ancient mysteries and modern fun combine! Imagine yourself in a land of pyramids and pharaohs, surrounded by colorful magic glyphs. In this game, the charm of ancient Egypt is brought to life with a puzzle twist that's sure to keep you engaged.

Your mission is to clear each level by matching cubes, known as magic glyphs, of the same color. As you progress, the puzzles become more challenging, inviting you into deeper levels of this ancient world puzzle adventure.

How to Play

Using your mouse, you can control the entire game. Click on any cube at the edges of the game field, and it will shoot towards the center, aiming to connect with similar cubes.

At the start of each level, you'll see a square matrix filled with randomly arranged colored cubes. These are your magic glyphs. Your task is to launch additional glyphs from the sides of this square to make matches of three or more. 

When you click a glyph at the edge of the matrix, it zooms across to the opposite side. It's important to aim for a spot where it can attach to a similar glyph. If there's no matching glyph in its path, it won't shoot. 

What else you should know

The game begins with simpler puzzles featuring glyphs in two colors. But don't get too comfortable! As you advance, more colors and glyphs will appear, increasing the complexity and fun of the puzzle.

To master this game, you'll need to plan your moves in advance. Look for potential matches before you shoot a glyph.

This puzzle adventure blends the mystique of ancient Egypt with brain-teasing fun. Each level is a new challenge and opportunity to test your puzzle-solving skills. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the glyphs? Let the puzzle-solving begin!