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If words are your specialty, then the BookWorm game is the perfect match for you. Having a rich vocabulary is useful in lots of situations. But who could have ever imagined that it can also be helpful in games? You can use your knowledge to feed this starving little worm!

You should be aware that our little legless friend is quite picky when it comes to his food. He can only eat well-spelled words from the board. Behind what seems to be just some board with random letters, there are hidden many delicious words. 

How to play the game

As a tool to fix up the dishes for the worm, you can use your mouse. Simply click on one letter and then drag it over the next one. Do that until the whole word you spotted lights up. Alternatively, you can also click on each letter separately with the same result. Whichever way you do it, the end up result will be the same.

If you look carefully at the board, you will notice something strange. On each letter square, there are some yellow dots in the corners. These are supposed to tell you how highly they are valued. Naturally, the more yellow dots there are, the more points you will get for using it in a word. Letters such as Z, W, and X are way more valuable than an N, C or D.

If you ever think that you are out of words, the little worm is ready to help. He has the ability to scramble all the letters on the board. Unfortunately, this help comes at a price. In return, you will get a burning square. Each time you spot another word, this block will burn its way downwards. If you do not manage to use it in a word soon enough, it will reach the bottom of the board. At that point, unfortunately, the game will be over. 

Conversely, you can also get helpful blocks. These ones are solid gold! Not only do they value way more points, but they also sparkle as gold does. Last but not least, you will also get a bonus word from the little worm. If you manage to build it upon the board, you will get extra points to spice up everything! As you get more points, you will get to the next level. Simultaneously things will become a little bit more complicated, but you will surely get on well.

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