Try the Rummikub game if you are a fan of classic board games! Can you be the first one to clear your board by organizing your tiles into runs and sets?

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Learn to play the Rummikub game, and you'll never be bored again! If you haven't tried this classic challenge yet, you have no idea what you're missing! Invented in the 1940s, it has been a wildly popular pastime ever since. Why? It features all the best elements of a board game: simple rules, addictive mechanics, and a lot of competition. The situation can change at any time. You never know who turns out to be the winner! 

Another great feature of this game is that you have so many play modes! We recommend you start by playing in Practice Mode. As you get accustomed to the rules, you can move on to create your own game or join an existing one. What is more, you can even play with friends, in a custom game. It's fun to have so many options!

How to Play

Are you ready to get started? Even though it might seem confusing at first, the rules of the game are pretty simple. At the beginning of each round, every player receives 14 tiles. As you can see, each tile has a number and a color. Your mission is simple: create sets and runs of tiles and take them off your board and onto the play area. The first player to clear off their board wins!

How do you match the tiles? To begin with, each group needs to contain at least three tiles. A set consists of tiles with the same number but in different colors. For instance, you can match a red, blue, yellow, and black number 9. However, you can't have two tiles of the same color!

When it comes to forming a run, you need to put together numbers of the same color consecutively. For example, you can place 9, 10, 11, 12 together if all of them are yellow. 

The first rounds of the game are a little special. Your goal is to take the tiles off your board as soon as possible. However, the first move you make on the common playing ground needs to be worth at least 30 points. How do you know how much a tile is worth? Easy, just read the number on the tile. 

There's more you should know!

Now that you know the basics, you can start learning tips and tricks. They'll help you win against experienced opponents! The key to Rummikub is using your opponents' tiles in your favor.

Take a close look at every combination in the shared game area! Can you rearrange the tiles to make a run or set using one or more tiles on your board? You can match them any way you like, as long as all the combinations are valid at the end of your turn. 

Take advantage of jokers as much as you can! There are two such tiles that you can use to replace any number. What is more, if you see one in the shared gaming area, feel free to replace it with an eligible tile and use it yourself. It's a smart move that can surprise your opponents and bring you the edge you need to win. How cool!

As you play, you'll discover plenty of tricks and smart moves. Besides, you'll feel the adrenaline of the competition the more you play. Have you noticed that this cool installment of the classic board games offers a rating system? You will gain experience for each match you play, as well as coins in case you win.

Rise in the ranks and become the best Rummikub player in your area! Even if you don't manage to be first, you'll have a lot of fun playing this addictive challenge. Stop hesitating and start matching tiles!