Magical Puzzle Clash

Start matching icons in the Kingdom Hearts: Magical Puzzle Clash game! Can you help Roxas, Xion, and Axel go against the evil heartless villains?

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About Magical Puzzle Clash Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    795 x 560
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Go on an epic adventure with the Kingdom Hearts: Magical Puzzle Clash game! This classic adventure is one of the most beloved challenges on the internet. Are you ready to find out why?

On the one hand, match-three adventures are famously addictive. On the other hand, you'll have the opportunity to experience an epic story. Are you ready to head into battle against the heartless villains that threaten the Disney Universe?

You'll have the opportunity to explore five magical realms. You might know them from your favorite movies and show. Do Agrabah or Wonderland sound familiar? Get ready for multiple battles in each world! If you beat them all, you'll become a hero!

How to Play

The first step of the game is to pick out one of the three Kingdom Hearts heroes. Do you prefer Roxas, Xion, or Axel? Pick wisely, as each one of them has a cool spell that they can use to be a step ahead of their foes!

It's time to start your first battle! Each level is a one on one confrontation with the heartless villains. Your goal is to make as many matches as you can to harm your enemy. Be careful! Every point your enemy scores will, in turn, deplete your health. It's up to you to be faster and smarter in your matches!

Do you know how to score? Take a close look at all the icons on the screen. The goal is simple: can you make groups of three or more items of the same color? Use your mouse to click on two adjacent objects on the board, then watch them switch place. It's that easy!

There's more you should know! 

Do you have trouble beating your foes? Luckily, there are a few extras and special moves that can help you. Let's start with icons such as the Row Destroyer and the Crossroads Destroyer. You won't believe how fast they can clear out the board! To gain these helpful icons, you need to make matches of three or four items at a time. Combine them for impressive results!

Spells are another way to drain the health of your enemy! Now and then, you'll notice a spell item drop among the others. If you want to use it, try to bring it to the bottom of the screen by making matches. Once the spell icon drops into the socket, you can click it at any time. It will either boost your performance or impede your enemy. For instance, the Confusion Spell will hide all icons on your foe's board. However, keep in mind that spells can affect you too!

Stop hesitating and jump in this epic adventure! You'll spend hours making matches and beating dangerous foes. The secret is that you'll get smarter and faster the more you play! Therefore, you should keep persevering. Nobody will be able to beat you if you practice enough!