Stan's Dream Escape

Stan's dreams are haunted by a bunch of evil cats in Stan's Dream Escape Game. Help him collect the bones, avoid the cats and remember his beloved ones!

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About Stan's Dream Escape Game

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Our most beloved blogger is a lovely dog, do you remember? He is the one and only talking dog, Stan. And now he is exhausted, after a whole day of blogging. He decided to take a nap. But what a peculiar dream he is having. Can you help guide him towards the end of the quest in Stan’s Dream Escape Game? 

It is so pleasant to nap after a long day of work. Stan, the talking dog, shares our opinion. He has worked hard at his new post on the blog. And he really needs this nap. But oh no, he has a weird dream in which he is totally confused. Too many cats, too many foreign objects. And the worst of all, he has forgotten his way home to his beloved family members. Help him get a well-deserved rest. Protect him from all of the cats and guide him on his way home right now!

All you need to do is to follow your instinct. The commands are simple. Use the arrows to guide Stan towards the right path. The “left” and “right” arrows are for walking. The “up” arrow will be used for jumping. Use the objects around to you as stairs that can take you higher on the top floors of the level. There will be some bones on your way towards salvation. Make sure to collect all of them, because you know how much Stan loves a tasty bone. You might also find extra large bones, so make sure to blog about them. Delicious, is it not? Beware of the evil cats that guide the corridors. If you start a fight with a cat in this dream, you will most certainly lose, and you will have to restart the level. 

Just follow your path

As you walk on your path, you might also encounter some hydrants. Make sure to touch them, because it will save your game. How will this help you? Well, if you found a cat on your way and had a fight with it, you will restart the level from the hydrant, not from the beginning. So do not worry. Your struggle will not be entirely in vain. Do not forget to save all the other dogs from captivity as you walk by. You will need the special golden keys for that. But you can be their hero, we know that.

Once you are done collecting all the bones, saving all of the fellow dogs and avoiding all the evil cats, follow your path towards the finish line. Find the portal that takes you home and help Stan find his beloved ones. By the end of each level, Stan will recall some of the family members. At the end of the first one, he will remember Bennett and Ellen. At the end of the second one, the older brother. And so on. Just help him remember them all!

Do you have what it takes to face the strong and evil cats that hunt Stan’s dreams? Then join him in his quest and save his nap!

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