Violetta: Dance with me

Join the fun in the Violetta: Dance with Me game! Press the matching arrow keys at the right time to control Violetta's moves and groove to fun tunes!

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About Violetta: Dance with me Game

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Violetta: Dance with Me is a fun game that will make you feel like a dancing superstar! It's all about grooving to the beat, picking fun songs, and making Violetta, the game's star, dance with your magical arrow keys. You'll be a part of an amazing dance party, and the best part is you get to control all the dance moves!

In this game, you're the star of the show! Your job is to make Violetta dance to the music and show off some cool moves. You'll just have to press the right keys at the right time. If you do it right, Violetta will do a fabulous dance move! But don't forget, it's all about having fun and enjoying the rhythm of the music.

How to Play

Once the game starts, you'll see arrows moving across the screen on four rows. They're going to slide all the way to a little circle on the right side. When an arrow reaches the circle, that's when you have to press the matching arrow key on your keyboard. If you press the correct key, Violetta will bust out a fantastic dance move!

Remember, you're dancing to the rhythm of the music. It's like when you tap your foot or clap your hands to a fun song. Try to press the arrow keys at just the right time to match the beat of the song. If you do it right, Violetta will perform a smooth and spectacular dance!

Sometimes, people in the audience will throw flowers onto the stage because they love Violetta's dance. You can catch these flowers by pressing the A, S, or D buttons on your keyboard. But remember, you still need to keep dancing, so make sure you don't lose your rhythm!

The more great dance moves you do, the more chances you get to trigger the FEVER function! While in this mode, try to press the Spacebar quickly to pull off spectacular dance moves!

There's more you should know!

As you keep getting the dance moves right, you can also earn COMBO bonuses! That's when you match several arrows perfectly in a row. And you'll get extra points for being a really good dancer!

You can dance to three amazing songs:
 - The music in me.
 - In my world.
 - I believe you.
However, you'll have to complete the first song to unlock the next one.

You can also pick from three difficulty levels: Cool, Master, and Maniac. So, whether you're just starting to learn how to dance or you're already a pro, there's a level that's just right for you!

So, are you ready to dance, catch flowers, and make the audience cheer with your awesome moves? Happy dancing, everyone!