General Mayhem Attacks

Go on a wild adventure with The Lego Movie 2: General Mayhem Attacks game! Can you defend Lucy, Unikitty, Emmett, and Benny from the vicious attacks?

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About General Mayhem Attacks Game

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Don't miss out on The Lego Movie 2: General Mayhem Attacks game if you think you can put up with any challenge! Are you a fan of Emmet, Lucy, Benny, and Unikitty? Have you followed their adventures in the sequel of the LEGO Movie too? Then you'll love the chance to give them a helping hand. General Mayhem is on the track of your favorite characters. Save them!

The seven levels of the game will push your skills and coordination to their limits. Each one will ask you to lead the team of characters through different terrain. What is more, you'll have to coordinate more characters as you advance. In the beginning, you'll only have to take care of Emmet and Emily. However, by the last stage of the game, you'll have to deal with four! Can you keep up?

How to Play

All you need to do is use your mouse! The Lego Movie heroes will run forward through the level automatically. All you need to do is help them avoid obstacles.

Simply click on any team member to make them jump or dodge one of General Mayhem's projectiles. You can also fight back. Click and drag any of the protagonists towards Mayhem's ship to make them attack! It will slow down his attacks and buy you some extra time.

Can you manage to finish the run with the entire team intact? Take a look at the bar at the bottom of the screen to see how long you still have to go!

What else you should know

Along the way, you'll come across obstacles such as fences or holes. If your characters don't dodge them in time, they're lost forever. Yikes!

Be careful when it comes to General Mayhem's projectiles! If you don't dodge them in time, they'll make one of your characters lose one of their precious lives. Have you noticed that each character has three hearts? They'll count towards your final score.

Have you reached the finish line? If at least one of the LEGO Movie heroes gets to the end of the level, you win. However, your points depend on how many hearts each one has. If you are a talented team leader, you'll manage to bring Emmet, Benny, Lucy, and Unikitty to the finish line without a scratch!