Attack of the Robots

Go on an adventure with the Ant-Man and the WASP: Attack of the Robots game! Can you help the two Marvel heroes defeat Yellowjacket and his robots?

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You'll love the Ant-Man and the WASP: Attack of the Robots game if you have always wanted to go on a mission with the Marvel heroes! Do you have what it takes to survive one of their grueling assignments and defeat the menacing villains? Find out by joining Ant-man and the WASP for one of their exciting battles against the forces of evil!

This time, Yellowjacket has put our favorite protagonist in a very sticky situation. He has taken over the Pym Technologies laboratory and implanted a virus into all the robots and security systems. Besides, he has put the place in complete lockdown. How dangerous! While Hank Pym keeps the most vulnerable tech out of reach, it's up to you to help Ant-Man and the WASP keep the situation under control. Can you put up with the pressure?

How to Play

There are four stages within this challenging mission. You will need to explore the office, the factory, and other dangerous locations swarming with Yellowjacket's robots. Can you survive all the stages and make it to the final boss fight?

Let's play! To move your two heroes around the scene, all you need to do is click where you want them to go. Do the same to pick up various objects in the room, like extra lives! A basic attack is just as easy to perform by clicking on an enemy while facing him. However, there are many more exciting moves for you to try!

Are you looking to take down a dangerous enemy? Try a WASP attack by using the Left or Right arrow keys, or by clicking and swiping to either direction. Try an uppercut by swiping up or pressing the Up arrow! That will deal a lot of damage to the robots!

There's more you should know!

By far, the coolest move in this game is Ant-Man's special ability: shrinking. Simply press the Down arrow to watch our hero become minuscule and, of course, invincible. But wait, you can go even further! If your enemy is weak enough, simply click on him to infiltrate his system, then keep clicking to destroy his hard drive. Isn't that extremely impressive?

As you advance through the levels, you might become overwhelmed. Don't worry! Click on the symbol in the lower right corner of the screen to perform a special attack and obliterate all enemies in sight. However, you will need to power up this ability first! You can fill up the blue action bar by performing attacks and combos. 

There are so many surprises in store for you! For instance, you will have the opportunity to choose enhancements for your hero's suit. This will come in handy when you face dangerous enemies, as well as the main boss, the menacing Yellowjacket. This adrenaline-filled adventure will surely keep you on the edge of your seat! Can you complete all the achievements and successfully finish the mission? There's only one way to find out!