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Get ready for a thrilling space adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend the Galaxy game! Can you keep up with this brave team of outlaws?

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Embark on a thrilling space mission with the Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend the Galaxy game! Drax the Destroyer, and Gamora have been ambushed while they were scouting the enemy territory. Join Star-Lord, Rocket, and Groot as they come to the rescue of their friends. They need to fight challenging space ships battle and succeed in one on one confrontations to defend the galaxy from the evil Ronan! Do you think you can keep up with the fast-paced tasks and exciting atmosphere? 

The best feature of this game is that you can customize your experience. Adjust the difficulty level at the very beginning of the game by choosing from one of the three available options. 

Give Rocket a hand and win the space battle!

The key to any successful Guardians of the Galaxy mission is teamwork.  These partners always find a way to get over their differences and manage to combine their unique skills towards victory! The first stage of your journey will have you at the control panel of the Milano, Star-Lord's famous blue and orange ship. Assist Rocket in destroying all enemy ships! This will allow you to get close enough to deploy Groot and rescue the members of the team. 

You can control Milano by moving your mouse on the screen. It's important to know that the ship will auto-fire its primary weapons. However, if you need to deal a little extra damage, remember that you can right-click for a special weapon attack. Keep an eye on the health bar at all times and collect the health kits to restore some valuable points!

What is more, you should remember to keep an eye on the available power-ups. They can come in handy when the situation gets sticky! Missiles will deal significant damage to all ships within the radius, while the Scatter Shot will grant you a more extensive range and multiple shots. Finally, the Rapid Fire power-up will increase the bullet rate until the end of the level. 

Get ready for a face to face confrontation!

At last, Rocket has managed to get close enough to the enemy ship. Get ready for a demonstration of brute force from Groot! However, things are not as easy as they seem. Give him a hand by clicking on the critical red spots on your enemy in the correct order. Be agile and make your move before time runs out! Otherwise, the enemy will take a shot at you and deplete your health bar!

Once you have rescued Gamora and Drax, it's time to watch the whole team in action! Can you keep up with them in this breathtaking final battle? At the end of a fierce confrontation, your most feared enemies board the Milano. Drax the Destroyer has to face Ronan in one-on-one combat, and you are the only one who can lend a helping hand! Decide the faith of your heroes with this thrilling game!