Iron Man 2: Iron Attack

Help Tony Stark defeat the robots as either Iron Man or War Machine in the Iron Attack game! Destroy the enemies with your weapons and avoid getting hit!

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About Iron Man 2: Iron Attack Game

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Iron Man is ready to test his new War Machine bionic suit in the Iron Attack game! It looks like the evil robots are on Tony Stark's trail, and our hero must destroy them and return to the Stark Tower safely! However, these robots use dangerous weaponry, so they're not easy to beat. Are you ready to join Iron Man on this adventure?

Your goal in this game is to destroy all the robots that try to attack you using either the Iron Man or the War Machine suits. Each costume has specific powers, so don't hesitate to use everything against the evil practice androids!

How to Play

To destroy the robots, use your keyboard. First, you can choose between Tony Stark's suits, Iron Man and War Machine. Then, start blasting your enemies to bits by using these controls:

 - Up/Down/Right arrow keys: Fly in different directions.

 - Left arrow key: Block attacks.

 - Spacebar: Press to attack/Hold for the secondary attack.

The suits have different attacks, so you can pick a fighting style from the beginning. Iron Man shoots his repulsor ray as a primary attack and the Unibeam as his secondary. On the other hand, War Machine's base attack is launching missiles, while his secondary is a machine gun!

The damage meter at the top of your screen shows how many hits you can take before the suit is destroyed. It will slowly fill up if you get hit by a melee attack or get shot. Once it turns red, it's critical, and you must try to block every attack to survive. If you get hit too many times, it'll be game over!

The good part is that you can pick up upgrades for your attacks and decrease the level of your damage bar with certain power-ups. These power-ups will appear randomly, so keep your eyes peeled. Each upgrade will make destroying the enemies easier while you switch between attacking and blocking!

So, are you ready to eliminate the robot army and claim victory as either Iron Man or War Machine? You're bound to become a hero!