Nella: Sleepy Dragon Adventure

Help Nella solve the mystery of the noisy monster in the Sleepy Dragon Adventure game! Complete the minigames so the dragons can return to their nap cave!

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About Nella: Sleepy Dragon Adventure Game

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It's time to join Nella the Princess Knight on her new journey in the Sleepy Dragon Adventure game! It turns out that a noisy monster has sneaked into the dragons' cave and scared them away. Now the creatures sleep all over Nella's Kingdom. She must defeat the beast and help the dragons return to their napping cave! Will you join her in this adventure?

Your role is to help Nella complete all the minigames and find the monster that occupies the dragons' cave! Your color-matching and observation skills will be put to the test and aid the knight princess in finishing her quest!

How to Play

You will need your mouse and keyboard to advance in your quest. There are different kinds of minigames you'll have to play throughout this adventure, and here are their controls:

 - Up/Down arrow keys: Switch lanes.

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Speed up/Slow down.

 - Spacebar: Jump.

 - Left-click: Select dragon / Break stone.

Your story and adventure will only move forward as you complete the minigames. These are the types of levels you'll encounter:

 - Riding Trinket / The Knight Shield: Nella will travel through her kingdom and a dark cave to find the monster which keeps the dragons awake while collecting knightly hearts. You can jump over ramps to gain more points and pick up berries for a speed boost.

 - Finding Dragons: The sleeping creatures are hidden all over the town square. Nella must find them and ask more about their problem. They are hidden behind houses, statues, and fountains, but you can uncover them with a click!

 - Breaking Rocks: The entrance to the cave isn't safe, so Nella must get rid of the rocks that threaten to stop her. However, you must only break the stones that match the color of the ones at the bottom of your screen. If rocks of other colors appear, try not to click on them!

Once you've gone through all the trials, you will reach the end of Nella's journey and discover the mystery behind the noisy monster! That means you'll be able to restore peace in the knight princess' kingdom and help the sleepy dragons return to their cave!

Are you ready to prove your riding and observation skills and become the realm's hero? Let's help the sleepy creatures together!