Sofia's Card Catch

Give Sofia's Card Catch game a try and test your memory by matching all the cards! Can you put the pieces together and earn points to win against Cedric?

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About Sofia's Card Catch Game

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Test your memory and quick thinking by playing a game of cards in Sofia's Card Catch game! Cedric has challenged Sofia to a duel, and you must help your friend win! However, all the images are scattered upside down, and there's no way to tell where each one is. Will you be able to match all the cards and win against the sorcerer?

This is a unique matching game because you must find four of the same picture each time. Observe your opponent's moves, find out where each card is located, and make matches.

Just remember to stay focused, or you can easily forget the placement! Can you guess Cedric's hand and become the winner of today's mission?

How to Play

Luckily the rules of the challenge are very straightforward. The only tool you need here is your mouse. Tap on a card to choose it and see if your opponent has the matching ones. If not, just click on an item to pick it up and see what's hiding on the opposite side!

Your main goal for this challenge is to find four copies of every card. However, the catch is that you can only flip one at a time. Select an item from your deck, and check if Cedric has any matching ones. If you get the correct answer, you will earn one point and win the chance to choose again.

If your opponent doesn't have the requested item, you will have to select a random card from the pile. After that, it'll be the sorcerer's round again. 

What else you should know

Your memory has an important role here, but so does luck. If you can't guess correctly, you'll be stuck with a full hand of cards!

Don't worry if you can't find any matches at first! As you play longer, your skills will keep improving. Just flip the cards one by one and remember where each one is. If you're patient enough, you'll be able to match them all!

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to join Sofia! Can you help her find all the matches and win against Cedric?