Villain And Celebrity BFFs

Give the villain squad some famous friends in the Villain And Celebrity BFFs game! Help Harley, Maleficent, and The Evil Queen, and create some new looks!

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About Villain And Celebrity BFFs Game

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See what the famous lifestyle is all about in the Villain And Celebrity BFFs game! Harley Quinn has joined a new girl squad. Even so, she, The Evil Queen and Maleficent, have decided that the group is not big enough, and they're planning to befriend some famous girls. Will you help them complete the squad?

This is a great time to have some fun along with your favorite villains! Now you have the chance to find some hot celebrities to join the group and make the girls even more popular. Of course, you'll get to take pictures together, and for that, their outfits need to be perfect! Are you ready to give the squad a complete makeover and help them glow-up?

How to Play

To begin with, you will need to choose the first villain for the fashion transformation. To do so, you will need to use your mouse and select her picture. After that, you can take a test based on your preferences, and you'll be given a celebrity match for your girl. The only thing left to do now is to create the perfect looks!

The first step to a makeover is always the hair. To look good next to a famous person, your villains will need some hairstyles that will make them shine! Of course, each girl has different options, so do your best and change up Harley Quinn's look! After her, The Evil Queen and Maleficent will soon follow!

Of course, the next step is to go through each girl's wardrobe and choose the perfect outfit. For that, you have a wide selection of tops, bottoms, and dresses at your disposal. If you really want to shine as bright as a star, you can add some accessories to complete the look!

What else you should know

After you dress-up your villains, you will need to give the celebrity a makeover as well! Be it Ariana Grande or someone else, they're all counting on you to come up with the perfect outfit! Of course, if you want to take some great selfies, you'll have to consider both characters' looks.

Finally, it's time to take some fabulous pictures to post! At first, you will have to choose a location. From a nightscape of a busy city to fashionable Paris, you can go anywhere you like! After that, you can apply a filter or even some fun stickers, and the picture is ready to be posted!

Are you ready to give the villain squad some new and famous friends? Find the perfect buddies for The Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Harley Quinn, and provide the girls with some influencer-worthy makeovers!

Good luck!