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Play the Mermaid Maker game to create a mythical character! Will your sea creature be inspired by classic fairytales, or will you go for an original design?

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You'll love the Mermaid Maker game if you are a fan of the mythical sea creatures! There's something so fascinating about these creatures! Are you ready to create your custom mermaid inspired by Ariel? Don't be afraid to experiment with other types of heroines, such as naga or even an octopus lady!

The 14 different categories give you a lot of freedom! You can customize almost all the features and aspects of the heroine, as well as the background. Therefore, you can add personality and atmosphere to your creation. Let's get started and see what comes up!

How to Play

You can create an awe-inspiring mermaid with just a few clicks of the mouse. Select one of the categories on the right side of the screen, then look at all the elements. Scroll down and pick your favorite! Once you have decided, choose a color for that item by clicking the white brush that appears on the left side of the screen. There's a different selection of hues for every element!

Are you ready to start? We suggest you start by selecting a skin tone out of the varied palette. What is more, you can add some face and body markings in matching or contrasting colors. They include make-up and tattoos that can give your heroine a mystical, ethereal, or even a very dark look. You decide!

The features of your mermaid add a ton of personality. You can customize the eyes, mouth, nose, and even the eyebrows. Besides, you can even customize the hair color and style to complete the look. Do you prefer long flowing locks, buns, braids, or short styles? There's such a wide variety!

To finish the basic look of your character, check out the Tails tab on the left side of the screen. Don't be afraid to try the more unconventional styles, like the naga tail or the octopus tentacles! You can even pick legs for your heroine if you like. There's also a wide selection of classic mermaid tails, ranging in look from adorable to intimidating. Which one do you like best?

There's more you should know! 

Are you ready for the outfit and accessories? There are plenty of choices that can help you create a stylish look! This way, you can express your character's story and personality! You can mix and match bras and various tops for an adventurous, glamorous, or magical look.

Add in some accessories such as a headdress or jewelry to bring everything together. You'll find items inspired by the sea world, such as coral and seaweed pieces. However, there are also furs, corsets, and many other surprising things. Discover them all!

Let's start to create the perfect setting for our mermaid! You can build your own background by selecting one of the three main themes: bright daylight, sunset, or dark and stormy seas. Next, you can add on rocks, branches, and even special effects to complete the atmosphere. 

Don't forget about some plants, corals, and even animals such as sharks or eels! You can layer as many elements as you want for the perfect look. If you change your mind about any of them, simply select them one more time to make them disappear. Easy as pie!

Are you almost done? After perfecting your look, click on the green checkmark in the lower corner of the screen to admire your beautiful creation! You can even download the mermaid picture or even print it out. Isn't that cool?