My Super Boyfriend

Help a girl in trouble in the My Super Boyfriend game! Choose a number to dial up and watch different superheroes save the day. Who will you call?

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About My Super Boyfriend Game

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In the My Super Boyfriend game, you'll be helping a girl who's in a bit of a pickle – her heel breaks, and suddenly, she's got a bully on her tail. That's where you step in - can you turn this tricky situation into a funny adventure?

Help the girl out by calling her superhero boyfriend to the rescue. You get to pick the phone number and see which superhero shows up. Each choice leads to a different hero arriving, and you'll never guess what they'll do next! Ready for some fun?

How to Play

First, you'll watch the initial scene unfold, with the girl whose shoe just broke and now there's a bully bothering her. It's time to call in some superhero help! You're given a phone with a keypad to enter a 5-digit number. Just click the buttons to dial and then hit the flashing button to call.

Now, here's the funny part - each number you pick brings a different superhero to the scene, and each has his own unique way of dealing with the bully. Will he be super strong, super clever, or super funny? You won't know until he shows up!

Every time you play, you can pick a new number and discover a new hilarious or heroic ending. Try different numbers to see all the creative rescue scenarios. Some superheroes might have unexpected ways of handling the situation, leading to amusing endings.

Ready to find out which superhero boyfriend will save the day? Who will you call next?