Pony Adventure

The Pony Adventure game takes you on a delightful chase to find your runaway house! Can you steer your pony safely to the end of each level?

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About Pony Adventure Game

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The Pony Adventure game takes you on a fun journey where your house somehow decided to run away! Now, it's up to you to catch it. You'll ride your pony through beautiful places, collecting carrots and special items 
along the way

Your big task? Chase down your runaway house! As you gallop along, you'll need to steer clear of obstacles, scoop up carrots for points, and find cool clothes to give you and your pony a fresh look. Ready to start the adventure?

How to Play

Here's the deal with the controls:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move your pony left and right
- Spacebar: Jump over holes and obstacles
- P: Take snapshots of your adventure

As you dash through the levels, you'll be on the lookout for carrots and clothes. Collecting carrots boosts your score, adding to the fun of the chase. You can also use the clothing items you find to customize your and your pony's appearance. Feel like a change? You can go to your closet to switch up your outfits anytime, giving you and your pony a fresh look throughout the adventure.

A cool feature is you can take pictures during your adventure. These snapshots and all the other items you collect are stored in your inventory. It's a neat way to remember the fun moments of your journey.

What else you should know

Each level is against the clock, so you need to be quick. Your goal is to reach the end of the level before time runs out, all while jumping over obstacles and collecting as many items as possible.

And be careful not to lose all your pink heart lives by bumping into things or falling into holes, or you'll have to start over.

The game is a bundle of fun, and every level is a new adventure. Ready to see how far you and your pony can go? Jump in and let the adventure begin!