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Create an adorable character with the Chibi Avatar Maker game! Pick out the best features, clothing, and accessories for your tiny and cute animated hero!

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Try your hand at designing a different kind of anime character with the Chibi Avatar Maker game! Have you heard about chibi? It's a style of animation where characters are very small, chubby, cute, and have dramatic facial expressions. They are so adorable and funny to watch! 

Now you can create a girl character in this unique style with just a few clicks. Create a chibi version of yourself, a friend, or your favorite character!

This game consists of 17 categories of features that you can browse. Thanks to the minimalistic style and simple menu, this couldn't be easier! Just take a look and see what you like most!

How to Play

No drawing tools are necessary for this game! Your mouse is everything you need. Click on the categories on the right side of the screen, then scroll through all the available options. Once you find something you like, click it once to see it on your protagonist. Easy as pie!

Did you know that you can also change the color of most objects? Simply select the painting brush icon to look at the available palette and pick your favorite version. If you change your mind, click the trash can icon or re-select the same icon from the menu to delete it.

Let's start customizing our chibi female hero! Start by defining her main facial features. You can pick out the eye type and color, as well as a pair of eyebrows to complement their expression. Chibis don't have noses! However, you can add a mouth and ears to complete your character's face.

Don't forget to check out the body and face markings tab! A beauty mark, freckles, tattoos, or even scales can make your chibi even more unique! 

It's time to decide on a hairstyle! Two separate categories can help you design the hair that best fits your chibi. Choose out of the many length and textures! You'll find short and curly styles, long flowy locks, and everything in between.

Pick a color too out of the selection of blonde, brown, and red shades! Next, take a look at the fringe and front-piece selection. Whether you prefer a few curly tendrils, a middle part, or a spikey top, you'll find it here. 

There's more you should know!

One of the best traits of this game is that you can use many whimsical features to design a truly personalized chibi! For example, you can go to the Wings tab and check out all the items. Some of them are inspired by fairytales, while others will make you think of monsters. You should also check out the accessories tab.

The outfit is the most fun part of designing a chibi. Take a close look at the selection of tops and bottoms and combine them to create a funky look! You'll find casual clothes, such as T-shirts, crop tops, sweaters, and jeans. However, there's a lot of variety!

The wardrobe features fantasy-inspired, luxurious, and alternative clothing styles.  Don't forget to pick out a pair of sneakers, boots, heels, or sandals from the shoe menu icon!

Complete your look with some well-chosen accessories. Naturally, you can pick out jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings. Add some stockings or gloves if you think they'll complete the look!

Add a final touch

Jazz up your character even more with the sticker collection, which includes plenty of items like flowers, ribbons, hearts, and even extra body parts, like antennae. The best thing about them is that you can click and drag it wherever you want on your chibi.

What is more, you can also resize, rotate, copy, or delete each element by using the appropriate buttons on the screen!

Finally, customize the background! Pick out one of the 16 solid colors, then add decorations such as plants, windows, rugs, or even special effects. Once you finish, press the checkmark and admire your creations! Download your chibi girl to your computer or print it out to create a custom coloring page!