Pack for Vacation

Play the Pack for Vacation game and help the Doli Doli friends find their essentials for the upcoming trip! Can you pack everything in time?

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In the Pack for Vacation game, the Doli Doli friends Toto, Sisi, Lisa, and Mina are excited about their upcoming vacation! But there's a small problem – their rooms are full of stuff, and they can't find what they need to pack. Each room is like a mini puzzle, filled with all the items for their big trip.

Your job is to dive into each friend's room and help them find their vacation essentials. From clothes to special toys, you'll be the one to spot and pack them up. It's all about being quick and clever to make sure every friend is all set for their vacation fun. Ready to search, find, and pack?

How to Play

Each friend's room is like a mini adventure land, filled with all sorts of things they need for their trip. You get to be the super helper who finds and packs these items!

You'll only need your mouse to play. It's like going on a treasure hunt in each room. When you see an item that one of the friends needs, just click on it and drag it to the right bag. It could be anything from Lisa's fancy beauty cosmetics to Mina's shiny jewelry or even Toto's cuddly blankie and Sisi's special toy.

Up at the top of your screen, there's a counter that shows how many items you still need to find. Plus, there's a clock ticking down the time you have left. The challenge? You've got to be quick and sharp to spot all the items and pack them before time runs out.

Keep a sharp eye on the details in each room. Some items might be hidden or blend into the background, so look carefully! 

Can you find everything in time and make sure all the friends are packed and ready for their vacation? Let's go!