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Explore your passion for animals with the Fursona(or Furry) Maker game! If you didn't know by now, furries are people who like to wear animal costumes for fun. Would you like to create such a costume yourself? You don't have to follow any rules. Mix up the features of your favorite animals and admire the result!

The best part about this game is that it gives you a lot of liberty. Don't hesitate to browse through all 15 categories and customize every body part of your furry character! What is more, you have a varied color palette for each of the items. Where will your imagination lead you? There's only one way to find out!

How to play the game

The only tool you'll need in this game is your mouse. Use it to select any categories on the right side of the screen, then click on the option that appeals to you most. Don't forget to pick an appropriate color! Look to the brush on the left of your fursona, then click on it to see all the hues. It's so easy and creative!

Let's begin by choosing one of the many base colors for the body! You can create a pastel creature, a bright and vivid animal, or even a creepy monster. Make sure you also check out the Markings tab, where you can customize your costume even more. You can add spots, stripes, and other distinctive features to your character's face and body. Pick a color for all of them too!

Have you decided what kind of animal you want to create yet? The mouth, ears, muzzle, and eyes that you pick will help define the look and personality of your fursona. Would you like to go for bunny ears, a terrifying wolf muzzle, or a smiley mouth? If you want, you can even combine all these elements to create a never-seen-before creature. 

There's more you should know! 

Will your character have paws, claws, or something in between? Decide after browsing the Hands and Feet tabs. The upper and lower limbs don't have to match! The final touch is adding a tail. From bushy and long ones to cute rabbit puffs, you have a wide variety available. 

Extras will add personality and bring the entire costume together! The furries can't wear any clothes for now. However, you can pick out a variety of collars, scarves, and even jewelry. Layer them for a complex and fascinating look!

The last step is to press the green checkmark to finish your design. Admire it in all its glory! Naturally, you can download your fursona character to your computer or even print it out. Your friends will love it!

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