The Biggest Wish

Play The Biggest Wish game and catch a magical wish before it squashes Nozomu! Guide your Wish Sitter, collect Wishes, and speed up to victory!

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About The Biggest Wish Game

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Welcome to the fun-filled, action-packed adventure game, The Biggest Wish! In this game, we are in a race to catch the Biggest Wish before it squashes our magical land of Nozomu. But don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds - it's actually really fun!

Your job is to help the Wish Sitters - either Fij Fij, Maryoku, or Hadagi - to chase and catch the Biggest Wish. As a helper, you'll also need to collect little Wishes and avoid the holes made by the Biggest Wish. Can you help our heroes save Nozomu and make the Biggest Wish come true?

How to Play

To start your adventure, the first thing you do is choose your Wish Sitter. You can be Fij Fij, Maryoku, or Hadagi. To move them around, you simply move your mouse up and down on the screen. This will make your Wish Sitter move too!

Once you've chosen your Wish Sitter, it's time to start chasing the Biggest Wish! But wait, there's more. As you chase the Biggest Wish, you'll also see little Wishes around. Collect these by touching them with your Wish Sitter. Each little Wish gives you points and makes you go faster!

At the same time, keep an eye out for your friends and the special floating Wish. If you find them, touch them for even more points and a big burst of speed. But be careful! The Biggest Wish leaves behind holes. If you touch these holes, you'll slow down.

So let's start our adventure, collect Wishes, and have lots of fun along the way! Are you ready to make the Biggest Wish come true?