Winter Yumderland Snow Globe

Dive into the Winter Yumderland Snow Globe game to create your own festive wonderland! Craft, customize, and shake your snow globe for holiday fun!

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About Winter Yumderland Snow Globe Game

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Get ready for a flurry of creativity and holiday fun with the Winter Yumderland Snow Globe game! Dive into a world where you can help Maryoku craft beautiful, customized snow globes for all her friends. The magic of winter is in your hands, ready to be spread all around!

In this game, you become a snow globe designer, bringing a piece of winter wonderland to life. Choose the decorations, select a beautiful scene, and even color the globe's base. The best part? You can shake your creation and watch the snow twirl around!

How to Play

Starting the game, you'll be greeted with an empty globe waiting for your touch. With a click of your mouse, fill the globe with water up to the indicated line, as if you're filling up a little winter lake. It's here where the scene of your snow globe will come alive!

Now, it's time to decorate! Navigate through different decorations by clicking the arrows. Once you find the perfect piece, use the purple circle to drop it into the globe. Remember, your globe can hold up to six special decorations. If you change your mind about any of them, no worries! Simply click on a decoration to remove it.

Next, let's choose a scene. This will be the main focus of your snow globe. Click the pink arrows until you find the Maryoku Yummy scene that warms your heart, then click the purple circle to set it in your globe.

There's more you should know!

Before we finish, let's paint the base! Click on the colored circles to choose a color for the base of your globe, making it truly yours. 

Finally, it's time to test your creation. Click and drag the globe to shake it. Watch how the snow swirls around your decorations and scene, just like a real snow globe!

And don't forget, you can always go back and change your design if you want. Once you're finished, you can even send your snow globe to a friend and share the joy!

Winter Yumderland Snow Globe is a wonderful game to spark your creativity and enjoy the magic of the holiday season. Remember, every snow globe is unique, just like every snowflake. So, let your imagination run wild and fill your world with snowy delight!