Yummy Melody Match

Play magical tunes with the Yummy Melody Match game, where music meets fun! Watch Wishes play notes, remember them, and recreate the melody yourself!

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About Yummy Melody Match Game

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Are you ready to make some magical music with your Wish friends in Nozomu? Welcome to the Yummy Melody Match game, a place filled with sweet sounds and beautiful tunes. This is a magical game where Wishes play music, and it's your job to remember the notes they play!

In Yummy Melody Match, you become a musical maestro. Your mission is to listen carefully to the musical notes that the Wishes play and then recreate the same melody. Just remember, the color of the note will tell you which Wish played it!

How to Play

Start your music journey by keeping your eyes on the Wishes as they play their music. They each play a unique note with a special color. When they're done, it's your turn to repeat the melody!

To make the music, use your mouse to click on the Wishes. Make sure to click them in the same order they played the notes! The colors of the notes are a big hint to which Wish played them.

The more you play, the better you'll get at remembering the order of the notes. But don't worry, you can always play the game again if you forget some notes. And the best part? There are no wrong notes in Yummy Melody Match! Every note you play is part of the beautiful symphony.

A cool trick to remember the melody is to say the colors of the notes out loud. Or, you can make up a fun story about the Wishes that helps you remember the order. 

After you've played the melody, the fun doesn't stop. You can stay and play your own music with the Wishes or print out a coloring page to keep the fun going! When you're ready to make more music, just click on the arrow and play again.

No matter how many times you play, Yummy Melody Match is always a fun and musical adventure!