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Find cute Wishes in a colorful crowd in the Maryoku Yummy: Wish & Go Seek game! Improve your memory and explore a world full of shapes, sizes, and colors!

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About Wish & Go Seek Game

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In the whimsical world of Nozomu, the Wish Sitters have cooked up a game of Wish & Go Seek just for you! The adorable Wishes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, adding to the exciting challenge. This Yum-azing game is all about finding the right Wish in a lively, colorful crowd, making every round a new adventure.

As a player, your role is to watch carefully as one of the Wish Sitters thinks of a little Wish. The fun part starts when you try to find that exact Wish among a sea of playful, moving Wishes. With each successful find, you get to experience the joy of winning while also improving your observation and memory skills. 

How to Play

To begin playing, you first need to watch closely as one of the Wish Sitters thinks of a little Wish. The Wish Sitters are quite imaginative, so the Wish they think of could be any shape, size, or color.

The main task is finding the exact Wish in the crowd. This crowd is on your computer screen, full of Wishes bouncing around and having fun. Move your mouse across the screen and click on the Wish that matches the one the Wish Sitter is thinking of.

Remember, Wishes can be quite tricky, and they love to blend in with others. So, keep your eyes open, stay focused, and don't get tricked by similar-looking Wishes! 

A neat tip to excel at this game is to focus on the unique features of the Wish the Sitter is thinking of. Does it have a special color, shape, or stripes? Keeping these details in mind can help you spot the right Wish faster.

After completing a game, you can choose to play again by clicking the arrow, or you can print a special coloring page. Each coloring page features a different Wish, allowing you to add your creativity to the world of Nozomu. Happy playing and coloring!