Little Bo Peep

Become the hero of an adorable interactive story with the Little Bo Peep game 👒! Ready to join the magical quest the Teletubbies have prepared for you?

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About Little Bo Peep Game

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Try a modern twist on a classic bedtime story with the Little Bo Peep game! This interactive storybook experience will delight toddlers and preschoolers as it helps them learn the first step of reading through play. The Teletubbies have created a colorful musical adventure for their young fans, featuring the famous Bo Peep and her five sheep. Kids and parents of all ages get an invitation!

The game consists of a few simple tasks for players to accomplish to accompany Little Bo Peep on her adventures. If they succeed in all three quests, young players will discover an unexpected ending to this classic story!

How to Play

What makes this game so charming is that it's simple! Even young toddlers can play it, as there is only one control they need to know:

 - Click: Select the sheep to accomplish the task.

The first task in Little Bo Peep's story is to make her sheep appear. Have you ever stared at the clouds and thought they looked like sheep? Well, you were right! If you click on the, you'll see the five adorable sheep show up.

It seems like the fluffy white animals are a little mischievous! Therefore, they decided to hide in the flower bushes near the forest. Finding them is the second task of this interactive story.

Finally, it's time to line up the sheep. If you pay close attention, you can discover the rule. That's right, the sheep are arranged from smallest to largest!

All players who get this far in Little Bo Peep's adventure with the Teletubbies will get an unexpected reward! They'll see where the shepherd and her sheep will travel next. The atmospheric music will help you feel like you played a part in her adventures!

This interactive storybook is the perfect transition to the world for educational games! Young players can practice reading and fine motor skills in the company of Bo Peep, her sheep, and the Teletubbies.