Teletubbies: Animal Parade

Practice the names of wild animals with the Teletubbies: Animal Parade game! Can you help all nine creatures find their pair in time for the exotic parade?

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Learn the names of animals from all over the world with the Teletubbies: Animal Parade game! Your colorful friends from Teletubbyland need your help to organize a joyful parade featuring nine species of animals from different environments. However, there's a problem! It seems like the animals have lost their mate. It's up to you to help them find their pair before the march begins. 

This educational game helps young kids recognize many different species of wildlife. The nine species include insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Cheered on by the adorable Teletubbies and the upbeat music, any toddler will have the time of their life at the animal parade!

How to Play

This charming and simple challenge is so easy that even a toddler can play it alone. The big buttons and cursor make it even more accessible! Here's the only tool you need for playing:

 - Left Click: Select one of the animals from the row at the bottom of the screen.

Players are introduced to each animal participant one by one. After taking a look, they'll hear the name and see it spelled out on the screen. Their task is to find a similar creature out of the nine options at the bottom of the screen. If they pick the correct one, they get to watch the happy pair reunite and walk proudly in the parade!

What makes this challenge more engaging is discovering more about each participant in the parade. As you can imagine, they all come from different parts of the world. While penguins live at the icy South Pole, giraffes prefer the torrid savannas. By playing the game with an adult and talking about what each animal eats and where it lives, kids can have more fun and learn even more!

All in all, any curious toddler can have a blast learning about wild animals with the Teletubbies. The festive atmosphere at the animal parade will surely make them clap with excitement by the end of this challenge!