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Dive into the world of emotions with Arthur: About Face game! Help Arthur's friends choose the right feelings for each moment of their exciting stories.

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About Arthur: About Face Game

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Ever wondered what Arthur's friends are feeling? In the About Face game, you get to step into their shoes! You'll join D.W., Francine, Binky, Buster, and Muffy as they experience all sorts of fun and sometimes silly situations.

In this game, you'll learn how to decipher feelings. As you listen to their stories, you'll need to match their emotions with the right faces. Each story is like a puzzle where you need to figure out what the characters are feeling based on their words and actions. Ready for some fun?

How to Play

To play, you only need your mouse. Click on the friend whose story you want to hear.

Arthur will read you sentences from the story, one at a time. After each sentence, you'll see three posters with different facial expressions. Your job is to click on the face that shows how the character feels in that moment. Did something exciting just happen? Are they feeling a bit down? Or maybe they're surprised? It's up to you to decide!

Pal, Arthur's adorable dog, will be your trusty sidekick throughout the game. Choose the correct expression, and Pal will happily receive a bone as a reward. But if you make a mistake, Pal will let you know with a little whimper, and you can try again. Your goal is to earn all five bones for Pal by the end of the story.

What else you should know

After finishing one story, you can choose a new friend and a new adventure! Each friend has their own unique story. Here they are:

- D.W.'s Birthday
- Binky's Ballet
- Buster's Show and Tell
- Francine's Soccer Game
- Muffy's Dolls

By choosing the right faces, you'll become an expert at understanding how others feel. You'll learn that everyone feels different things at different times, and that's perfectly okay! So, get ready to embark on a journey of emotions with Arthur and his friends. It's sure to be a fun and educational experience!