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Shhh! Buster is dreaming of a culinary adventure in Buster: Dream On game! He's floating on fluffy clouds, imagining mouthwatering dishes like salted mackerel, macaroni and cheese, fried plantains, or guacamole. But there's a catch: Buster's dream ingredients are scattered across the clouds, and he needs your help to collect them all!

Can you help Buster become a dream chef by hopping from cloud to cloud and collecting the yummy ingredients on his recipe list? Be quick and light on your feet – you don't want to wake him up with a noisy crash!

How to Play

You'll guide Buster through his dream using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You'll have to leap from cloud to cloud, collecting the ingredients he needs.

Each level presents a new recipe to complete! Search the clouds for salsa, macaroni, cheese, salt, oil, lemon juice, and more. Collect all the ingredients to move on to the next exciting culinary challenge.

But wait! There are also some alarm clocks roaming around in Buster's dream. If you bump into them too many times, their loud ringing will wake Buster up, and you'll have to start your culinary quest all over again.

Don't worry, though! You have a secret weapon – the Z power-up! When you collect it, the clocks become harmless for a few seconds, letting you zip right through them. Keep your eyes peeled for those Zs!

What else you should know

If you collect enough ingredients to complete three dishes, you'll unlock a special bonus quiz! Here, you can test your knowledge of ingredients for various recipes and earn extra points. If you're a true recipe whiz, you might even collect all 21 dishes across 7 levels and become a Dream Chef Extraordinaire!

Are you ready to dive into Buster's delicious dream world? With your help, he'll create a culinary masterpiece, one cloud-hopping jump at a time!