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About Helifight Game

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Play the Helifight game with a friend for a funny sky battle! If you're looking for a way to pass the time with a friend or a sibling, then look no more. Head into a thrilling confrontation among the clouds and find out which one of you is the best helicopter pilot!

Even if it's not a complicated game, it'll surely make you laugh a lot. Besides, the colorful pixel-art style and simplistic gameplay will remind you of Flappy Bird!

The game consists of multiple one-on-one confrontations between the red and blue helicopter. Who will be the first one to reach five wins? Keep playing against each other to find out who is the best pilot!

How to play the game

Flying a helicopter can take years to learn. However, this game makes it easy as pie! Take a look at the two buttons at the bottom of the screen. To make your helicopter fly, tap the button or press the W or Up Arrow keys, depending on which side you want to play on. Lower your flying vehicle by letting go.

Remember that you can fly through the left and right edges of the screen, and you'll be transported to the other side. That's all!

Don't forget that destroying the enemy vehicle only takes a single attack! Therefore, you should be prepared for a fast-paced game of tag. You can keep track of the score so far by looking at the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen.

What else you should know

Taking down your enemy is a matter of skill and coordination. Bump them from any direction, or use some of the rockets you may find around! However, you should make sure you don't crash your own helicopter in the process!

You should also make sure that you pick up all the green bonuses you can find. They'll equip your vehicle with a gun that auto-fires. That's such a fun way to take down your friend!

Can you think of a funnier competition that you can take on with your friends? Chase each other in the city skyline and find out who has the sharpest reflexes and the most patience!

However, you should make sure that you don't get into a fight over this challenge. Helifights can become quite intense if you aren't careful!

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