Love Quest

💘 Play the Love Quest game for a cool Valentine's Day challenge! Help Bonnie compete in a series of match-three challenges and win Kevin's heart!

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About Love Quest Game

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Celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day with Love Quest, a thrilling game that's similar to the beloved Puzzle Quest! Dive into Bonnie's world as she navigates the challenges of winning Kevin's heart while facing the fierce competition of four other girls, each hoping to capture his attention.

Your task? Help Bonnie outshine her rivals in fun, engaging match-three challenges, ensuring she emerges as the one who captures Kevin's heart. But remember, each girl is determined and won't make it easy!

How to Play

The game board is filled with colorful tiles. Using your mouse, you'll move these tiles around to create sparkling combinations. Just swap two side-by-side tiles to try and line up three or more of the same items in a row.

Each level of Love Quest sets you against one of the four girls, all vying for Kevin's affection. As you play as Bonnie, the board before you will be shared with your opponent. Successful combinations are the key to winning!

Both you and your rival have health bars, and the goal is to deplete your opponent's health before she can deplete yours. Different tiles have various effects:

- The shiny green jewel? It'll deduct 10 health points from your opponent.
- The dazzling purple jewel removes 5 health points.
- The adorable white envelope with a bright red heart? That's a whopping 25 health points gone from your opponent!
- And the bold red lips? They'll take a massive 50 health points away.

But wait, there's a twist! If you manage to line up the pink heart tiles, you'll earn yourself 50 health points back. A lifesaver in tight situations!

The trick is to focus on the tiles that deduct more health points from your opponent, like the red lips or the heart envelope, for bigger impacts. But don't forget about those pink hearts! They're your secret weapon to stay strong and keep playing.

Ready to support Bonnie's love quest in this heartwarming journey filled with love, competition, and strategic thinking? It's the perfect mix of challenge and fun wrapped up in the magic of Valentine's Day. Dive into the vibrant world of match-three and let the love story unfold!