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Design your dream room in the My New Room game! Unleash your creativity with furniture, pets, and colors to create a space that's all yours!

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About My New Room Game

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With My New Room game, you get to be an interior designer and create your dream room. It's like having a blank canvas, but instead of paint, you have all sorts of furniture, decorations, and even pets! This game is perfect for anyone who loves to decorate and imagine their perfect space.

Your goal is to design a room from scratch. You can choose everything from the furniture to the wall colors. It's all about making a room that you love. You get to be creative and make a space that's just right for you.

How to Play

The game is super easy to play; all you need is your mouse. With a simple click, you can pick out furniture, change colors, and move things around in your room. It's like being a real designer, but way easier!

The game has different categories of items you can add to your room, each with its own icon. There's one for windows, carpets, and doors, another for furniture like beds and tables, and even one for cool decorations like lamps and paintings.

You can also add electronic gadgets to your room, like a laptop or TV. And if you like pets, there's a special section where you can choose a cute animal friend to live in your room with you.

There are lots of items to choose from in each category, and you can flip through them using arrows. Once you pick something, there are buttons to help you move it around, rotate it, or even stack things on top of each other.

If you change your mind about something, there's a trash can button to remove it. And for a bit of fun, you can check what a wizard thinks about your room design with the Astro room rating button!

What else you should know

You can also change the colors and patterns of your items, draw on your walls, or pick new wallpaper and carpets to make your room even more unique.

Experiment with different styles and layouts. You never know what cool design you might come up with!

Remember, there's no rush. Take your time to try out different things until your room looks just the way you want.

The game provides a fun way to be creative and design your own space. You can make it as wild, cozy, or stylish as you like. Ready to create your dream room? Let's start decorating!

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