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Explore the My New Room 2 game and design your dream space with more options! Add characters, change views, and personalize your room like never before.

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About My New Room 2 Game

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My New Room 2 game brings back the fun of designing your dream room but with even more options than before. This sequel lets you decorate empty rooms from scratch, just like the first game, but now with additional items and new features to explore. Imagine having more choices for furniture, decorations, and even characters to add to your room!

In this game, your role as a designer is more exciting because you get new tools and options. Not only do you get to pick out furniture and decorations, but you can also add characters and change the background scene. It's all about creating a totally unique room that reflects your style.

How to Play

Just like the first game, all you need to play is your mouse. Clicking through the game's menu, you can choose and place items in your room, making it as cool as you want.

The game keeps its easy-to-use menu with icons for different items like windows, beds, and electronic equipment. But what's new in My New Room 2 are the extra features. Now, you can add characters to your room. There's a girl icon where you can pick girls doing different things like reading or cleaning to be in your room.

Another new feature is changing the outside view. You can switch the scene outside your window with the blue arrow icons at the top right corner. It's like giving your room a whole new location!

As before, you can move, rotate, stack, and remove items. You can also check what a wizard thinks of your room with the Astro room rating and even print out a picture of your room.

What else you should know

The game has added more colors and patterns for your items, plus a draw and paint option for your walls. You can also change the wallpaper and carpet to make your room even more personalized.

Try mixing different styles and see what new looks you can create. The added characters and background scenes give you more ways to make your room special.

Play around with the new drawing tools. You can add your own touch to the walls, making your room one of a kind.

With all these new features, you can let your imagination run wild and create a room that's just right for you. It's time to have fun decorating and see what awesome room you can come up with!

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