Play Date with Darby

The Play Date with Darby game brings Playhouse Disney magic to your fingertips! Decorate rooms, play dress up, and explore mini-games with Darby & Buster.

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Hey there! Have you ever dreamed of spending a fun-filled day with Darby from "My Friends Tigger & Pooh"? In the Play Date with Darby game, you get to visit her cozy bedroom and play all sorts of cool mini-games and activities! You'll also get to meet her playful dog, Buster, and do loads of exciting things together.

Your fun job is to help Darby with different activities. Whether it's decorating her room, dressing her up, or playing mini-games, you'll have lots to explore and enjoy!

How to Play

You'll only need your mouse to do everything. When you want to pick something up, just click on it. To set it down or place it somewhere, click again. There are special buttons like Done or Next to help you along the way.

There are plenty of things you can do in Darby's bedroom. Let's list them here. 

- Decorate Darby's Room:
Darby loves to change the look of her room. You can help her by picking fun furniture like animal tables, cute lamps, or even musical instruments! And if you make a mistake, the eraser is there to help.

- Dress Up:
Dress Darby in cute outfits! Mix and match hats, tops, dresses, and shoes. When you're done, you can even print your fashion creation.

- Darby's Flower Box:
Ever planted flowers? It's fun! Choose a seed, plant it, and water it to watch beautiful flowers bloom. You can even pick the flowers and create lovely pictures.

- Drawing with Darby:
Draw along with Darby! Choose what you want to draw, like a cat or a flower, and Darby will guide you step-by-step. When done, you can print your masterpiece!

- The Amazing Buster:
Buster is not just cute; he's super talented! Play a memory game with him by remembering the tricks Darby asks him to do. Or, you can create your own doggy performance for Buster.

- Growth Chart
Keep track of how tall you're getting with a "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" growth chart. Choose your favorite, print it, and watch yourself grow!

- Print & Play
Get crafty with print & play! You can cut animal shapes, make a Darby paper doll, or even design your own t-shirt. Just click on a picture and start the fun!

There's more you should know!

While decorating Darby's bedroom, look out for the yellow magnifier sign. Use it to click on various things to discover cool animated surprises!

If you're looking for some hidden fun, keep an eye out for special tools that help you flip or resize items in Darby's room. They add an extra touch of magic to your decorating!

Play Date with Darby is filled with laughter, creativity, and tons of surprises! It's a world where you can be a designer, artist, gardener, and more. With Darby and Buster by your side, every moment is special.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some fun!