Rad Awesome Butt Doctors

Help Sanjay and Craig infiltrate a hospital in the Rad Awesome Butt Doctors game! Use your skills to treat patients and avoid real doctors at all costs!

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About Rad Awesome Butt Doctors Game

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Get sneaky and infiltrate a hospital with Sanjay and Craig in the Rad Awesome Butt Doctors game! The two boys are always getting themselves into wacky adventures, and this time is no exception. Now, the duo wants to witness a butt transplant. Do you have what it takes to help your friends?

This is a fast-paced challenge, where your main goal is to lend a hand to the two Party Doctors. They need your skills as they sneak into the hospital, wanting to see the world's first butt transplant. Of course, patients are coming to them for treatment, making this adventure difficult. Can you treat them while avoiding the doctors?

How to Play

Before you begin this mission, you will have to choose a character to play as Sanjay or Craig. After that, all you have to do is use your mouse and guide the boy across the room. Avoid running into the hospital staff, and help some patients on your way!

Do some rounds around the waiting room and try not to act suspicious! Every time you run into one of the doctors, you will lose some health. If you're not careful, you might get caught and have to restart the game from the beginning. Just be cautious, and run away from any curious people!

Of course, to avoid acting suspicious, you can treat some patients! You will come across characters with all sorts of medical issues, and you have 6 items on hand that you can use. If you choose the right object, you can drag it through a mini-labyrinth, and the patient will be cured. If you're not lucky, the person will walk away, making you less trusted. 

What else you should know

As you walk around, you can pick up some useful power-ups that will make your mission easier. If you pick up the clock shaped item, you will add a few more seconds to your time left. Of course, you can also increase your speed, making running away less stressful! Just do your best not to get caught!

What do you say? Sanjay and Craig need your help to safely infiltrate the hospital. Use your skills and avoid the doctors at all costs! Good luck!